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Welcome to the new LAID BACK  guild and website!!!


LAID BACK is a relaxed, friendly Alliance guild on the Nesingwary server.
This guild is predicated on the theory that there are those people who enjoy the company of others and work
well together  WITHOUT taking the game or ourselves too seriously.  Stuff happens!  But it's not the end of the
world if your character dies because someone was out of position or didn't use the right spell.  Ok, so you
have to "release" or get "rezzed".  Yes,.... annnnnd??  No big thing.

But perhaps more importantly this guild is based on common courtesy, manners, and respect.  Members are
expected to be thoughtful, helpful, and courteous.  Sure, everyone gets mad,  irritated, angry and frustrated.
GOOD!!! You wouldn't be human if you didn't!  But please don't take it out on others.  For you higher levels...
next time that newbie makes a mistake ask yourself if you were perfect coming up through the ranks.  You
may not enjoy running the Stocks over and over again to help someone finish a quest or level up but didn't
someone once help you?

This is not a raid guild but I expect we may raid.  This is not a leveling guild but we will help people level.

Hopefully what it IS, is a fun guild!

First and foremost...HAVE FUN!!!  It is, after all, a game!!!


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